I Will Tend to My Space

An environmental judgement looms, a certainty born of our own doing. A century or so worth of choices, each a small injury to the land, now amassing into a wound that probably won’t heal.

I have walked the stages of grief. Denial, bargaining, anger - all transient visitors, lingering only briefly. Now, a fragile acceptance settles.

Still, I will do what I can. A small part, perhaps, but one I owe to nature for her gifts. Her resilience humbles me, for even in the face of our relentless onslaught, she persists.

The future is unclear, but I will tend to my space. Perhaps my actions can help mend a fragment of what we have harmed.

Also known as Papakolea Beach. The green comes from olivine, a mineral born of a cinder cone’s erosion. It’s a rare and raw sight. The five-mile round-trip hike to the beach is flat and almost always windy, but the trek is worth seeing the earth show its colors against the backdrop of a relentless sea.

Currently reading: Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler 📚

Dawn view of the Mauna Loa eruption from earlier this week.

The USGS says activity at the fissure 3 vent is significantly reduced and the main highway across the island is no longer threatened by lava.

Getting my first post off on the right foot. View from lanai of two things I throughly appreciate, our catchment tank and the occasional rainbow.